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Other People Are Just People

Ah, first and foremost, life has been hectic lately, but it’s been keeping me busy. Lots of life changes recently, I moved to Center City Philly this past week, started a new job at an Executive Search firm, LA Ahern has been thriving, I was featured on the “Get Real” live, and I’m finishing out my last semester of grad school! To say things have been going well would be an understatement, but I think it all started with my change in mindset. I’m going to be totally honest and vulnerable here, I was scared to start LA Ahern and this blog all together, I was anxious of what people would say about me behind my back, my anxiety was getting the best of me. However, I did the damn thing, and you can expect blog posts more regularly. I launched it and the amount of support that I received was unreal – launching the company and doing something incredible for myself showed me that the good that I have surrounding me totally outweighs the bad. I’ve noticed my fear of what others think about me is slowly fading and I’d genuinely love to thank my change in mindset for that but I’d be remiss to not also include a thank you to Lexapro.

In my first mini intro post, I talked about consistently needing to feel “wanted” and these past few weeks I felt that I wanted to touch a bit more on that. I think all of us have trauma in a way, and I’m trying to figure out how to best word this for my point to come across. A few years back, I was told that my drive for success may stem from feeling unwanted by someone close to me. As I think about it more, I think my drive for success and my need to be wanted, is actually my coping mechanism. The titles, running for positions, winning all to feel a sense of need. I think that the best thing that has come out of this coping mechanism, is starting this business, so I can be vulnerable and open in my blog posts, and help others to find someone they can relate to, and if I can even help just one person then that’s what this is all about for me. I think that as a society we’ve come a long way with being open about mental health, but I think that we still have a ways to go. The person who is struggling with mental health isn’t always going to look the way that you’d imagine – they could be the happiest or the most “perfect” person that you know. I have won “most likely to brighten your day” in high school and “best attitude” as superlatives all the while I was struggling day in and day out with anxiety and occasionally, depression. I guess what I’m trying to say is that mental health awareness needs to be raised and I’m on a mission to do just that.

Now, I mentioned that I moved to Center City just last week, and I will of course, have photos to come. This is my first time living alone which will be really interesting because I’ve always loved the company of my roomies but I have absolutely loved being able to decorate everything with my own personal style and can’t wait to share it with you.

Stay tuned!



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